Financial Fallout From Florida’s Budget Impasse and Gov. Scott’s Lawsuit

 In Fishkind Commentaries

90.7 economic analyst Hank Fishkind says Tallahassee lawmakers are proving his point that political gridlock over abstract ideas can cause real economic harm.

He expressed that opinion during our conversation last week…and since then, the Florida House adjourned before the legislative session’s end and Governor Rick Scott filed a lawsuit against the federal government.

Both of these moves stem from disagreements over how to handle health care in the state, and Fishkind says both of them could cause economic harm.

First, a look at Governor Scott’s lawsuit over the federal move to end the Low Income Pool program, or LIP. LIP helps pay hospitals for indigent care. Scott says ending the LIP and offering the money as part of the Affordable Care Act is tantamount to the federal government trying to coerce Florida into Obamacare.

But Fishkind has a different perspective. He starts with a little LIP history.

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