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Economic analyst Hank Fishkind tells 90.7’s Nicole Darden Creston the problem is excess demand, and the solution lies in congestion pricing.

“Imagine that every vehicle on every roadway had a transponder that would price every trip depending upon the time of day, depending on the route,” says Fishkind.

Congestion pricing is used on express lanes on I-95 in South Florida with higher prices at rush hour and lower prices other times.

“You really see the effect when you’re driving along, at least for that part of the roadway system.”

Fishkind says for congestion pricing to work, as it has in London, some of the proceeds must be invested in public transportation solutions.

“This would include, but not be limited to… subsidies for companies like Uber or Lyft, but not for single passengers but multiple passengers, and to support all of our public transportation systems.”

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