Booming Growth Of Orlando’s Tourism Industry Is Slowing

 In Fishkind Commentaries

With the resurgence in consumer spending, 90.7 economic analyst Hank Fishkind predicts continued growth to boost the overall health of the economy.

Hank’s Highlights:

  • Retail sales at the national level finally rebounded with a 1.3% gain, alleviating fears about the pace of economic recovery. Prices for retail goods are going down due to competition from e-commerce. The result: People are able to buy more with their dollars.
  • Retail sales at the state level are slowing because consumers are buying services more than they are buying goods.
  • The growth of Orlando’s booming tourism industry is slowing. “We can’t expect extraordinary growth every single year,” says Fishkind. A multi-billion dollar investment boom in the industry sparked more tourist visits last year. The industry continues to grow, but not at a slower pace.
  • Volusia County is seeing growth in retail sales due to a surge in retirees spending their dollars in the area. It continues to rebound after the closing of the space shuttle program.
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